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About Little Peril

Little Peril is home to a range of dreamy slow fashion essentials. Made from up-cycled, recycled, reused and sustainable new materials. Zero waste is the goal, everything from packaging to production is designed and curated to the highest ethical standard. Joyful fashion shouldn’t cost the planet! 


Lovingly handmade-to-order in Scotland with materials sourced as locally as possible. All artwork, prints and designs are unique to us and designed in house, so you won’t find them anywhere else! We have a huge selection of accessories and clothing to pick from and offer full customisation. We will make anything you dream of from our fabric selection. Help us change the face of sustainable fashion one purchase at a time. 

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Meet the Maker

Hello, My name is Megan (she/her)

I am 24 years old and have recently graduated from Heriot Watt with a Degree in Fashion. I started this business shortly after graduation because I love to make things and it’s grown from there. I started with just facemasks and small items and now I am expanding into a more diverse range, I could not be more excited to share it will you all. 


I am lucky enough to have a wonderful home studio where I have the perfect space to create all my designs. I have recently re-decorated the space to make it better as typically I can be spending up to 13 hours in it. it’s now a wonderful pastel space with lots of plants and sunlight. I sourced décor from as many small businesses I could find so I’ll be sharing some of my favourites over on Instagram. 


I am very into sustainability, it’s my passion. Trying to start a brand was a really hard for me, I didn’t want to dive in until I had a plan to run at zero waste. It’s so important to me that nothing goes in the bin especially the precious fabrics I choose to create with. 

What is Little Peril is Passionate about;


  • Only the best fabrics - Source Sustainably; deadstock & Organic fabrics 

  • Ensure fabrics are certified and produced to the highest ethical standard

  • Use only 100% recyclable and re-use friendly packaging

  • Make items that are re-wear friendly and truly timeless 

  • Minimise environmental impact by keeping all trimmings and scraps for re-use

  • Treat all collaborators, customers and models with kindness & respect 

  • To go above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy with there order

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